Changing Employee Number Generation from Manual to Automatic

In Oracle HR, once a Business Group has employee number generation set to manual, Oracle does not provide a means of changing it to automatic.

Consider the following business requirements:
1. Convert legacy system into Oracle HR via API’s
2. Keep current employee numbers unchanged
3. Provide automatic employee numbering for all new employees

The business requirements can be met by completing the following:

1. Establish Business Group with manual employee number generation
2. Convert legacy HR data via API’s
3. Determine a starting number for automatic employee numbering that is greater than the largest numeric converted employee
4.Run the following :

update per_number_generation_controls
set next_value = (The starting number from #3 above)
where type = ‘EMP’
and business_group_id = (The organization_id from
hr_organization_units of the Business Group in question)

update hr_organization_information
set org_information2 = ‘A’
where org_information_context = ‘Business Group Information’
and orgainzation_id =  (Same as business_group_id from above SQL)


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