Terminating an Employee

To terminate an employee:

        1. Optionally, enter the reason for the termination.


        2. Enter the termination dates. Only the Actual date is required. This is the date when the employee’s person type changes to Ex-employee. The Notified and Projected dates are for information only. The Final Process date is a date after which no further pay processing for the employee can occur, if you are using Oracle Payroll.
      For the Final Process date:
      • If you may need to process pay for the employee after termination, set the Final Process date later than the Actual date, or leave it blank

    This means that the employee’s assignments are given the default user status for the HR System Status Terminate Assignment

        . If there is more than one user status defined for this system status, when you choose the Terminate button the system prompts you to select which status to enter on the employee’s assignments.
      • If you do not need to continue processing, set the Final Process date to the Actual date.

    Note: If you are an Oracle Payroll user, you must also enter a Last Standard Process Date. This is the last date for normal processing, while the Final Process date is the last date for late payments. Element entries are closed down on the Last Standard Process, the Actual date, or Final Process date, depending on how you have defined the elements.

        3. When the information is complete, choose the Terminate button to complete the termination.

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