Multi Lingual Report – XML Publisher

We have created 2 rtf templates, 1 for English and 1 for Arabic.

Arabic template (File Name: Arabic template.rtf)

English template (File name: English template.rtf)

Now we will register these templates in Oracle.

Responsibility: XML Publisher Administrator

Navigation: Templates

We created the template with the same name and short name as the concurrent program.

Now we shall add the templates.

Click on Browse to add a template.

We first added the English template and saved the template by clicking on Apply.

Now the English template has been added to this report. We shall now add the Arabic template. Click on Add File button.

The Add file section opens. Add the Arabic template file. Enter Language as Arabic.

Click on Apply button to save the template.

Now you can see that both the templates have been attached to the concurrent program.

Test the report

We shall first test the report in Arabic. To do so we shall log in from the home page by changing the language to Arabic.

You will notice that US English is the base language. This is true for all Oracle Apps installations. Along with English, Arabic (language code AR) in the second line is installed.

You will notice the languages on the Oracle home page.

After logging in we will have to go to the responsibility Order Management – Medical Equipment. Open the SRS form.



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