Dependent parameters in Concurrent Program

This article illustrates the usage of $FLEX$ with an example.

$FLEX$ is a special bind variable that can be used to base a parameter value on the other parameters (dependent parameters)

Syntax –     :$FLEX$.Value_ Set_Name

Value_Set_Name is the name of value set for a prior parameter in the same parameter window that you want your parameter to depend on.

Some scenarios where $FLEX$ can be used:


Say you have a concurrent program with the below 2 parameters which are valuesets :

Parameter1 is Deparment

Parameter2 is Employee name

Let’s say there are 100 deparments and each deparment has 200 employees.  Therefore we have 2000 employees altogether.

If we  display all department names in the valueset of parameter1 and all employee names in parameter2  value set  then it might kill lot of performance and also it will be hard for a user to select an employee from the list of 2000 entries.

Better Solution is to let user select the department from the Department Valuset first. Based on the department selected, you can display only the employees in parameter2 that belong to the selected department in parameter1 valueset.


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