Adding Values to value set in 12.2.3

For adding values to value set in 12.2.3 first grants and security needs to be set.

Setting up value security mostly consists of creating grants using the Functional Administrator responsibility.

The grant has three basic parts that we assign when we create the grant:
1. Grantee and security context (who gets privileges and the context where privileges are available)
2. Data security object “Flexfield Value Set Security Object”, object instance set, and parameter values if needed (what data is affected by the grant)
3. Permission set (what privileges are allowed on the object)

New Value Sets
No users are allowed to view, insert or update any value set values unless access is explicitly granted. You must explicitly set up access for specific users by enabling appropriate grants and roles for those users. That restriction includes values for value sets created by the same user. For example, if a user creates a new value set definition using the Value Set window and immediately goes to create values for that new value set, the user will not be able to find or enter values for that new set unless:






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