HR Profile Options

There are a number of User Profile Options that are of specific importance to HRMS system administrator


HR Option Purpose
HR:Business Group Business Group that is linked to the security profile for a responsibility. This option is used online to control access to records that are not related to organization, position, or payroll.
This option is seeded at Site level with the start-up Business Group. It is view only. Values are derived from the HR:Security Profile user profile option.
HR:Security Profile Restricts access to the organizations, positions, and payrolls defined in the security profile. This option is seeded at Site level with the view-all security profile created for the Startup Business Group.
HR:User Type Limits field access on windows shared between Oracle Human Resources and Oracle Payroll. If you do not use Oracle Payroll, it must be set to HR User for all responsibilities.
If you do use Oracle Payroll, you can give each Responsibility one of the following user types, depending on the work role of the holders of the responsibility: HR User, HR with Payroll User, Payroll User
HR:Query Only Mode Restricts access to view-only for all HR and Payroll forms on a menu.
HR:Use Standard Attachments Disables the facility to attach short text comments to records. Enables the attachment of multiple items of various types including OLE objects, Web pages, images, and word processed documents.

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