Adding People Group Information to Contingent Worker using API

In HR_ASSIGNMENT_API.UPDATE_CWK_ASG_CRITERIA API, we found that both parameters p_people_group_name and p_people_group_id are OUT parameters

You can use parameters SEGMENT1..SEGMENT30 based on your set up in the API HR_ASSIGNMENT_API.UPDATE_CWK_ASG_CRITERIA to update

the people group for a Contingent worker.

This API will internally call subroutine HR_FLEX_UTILITY.UPD_OR_SEL_KEYFLEX_COMB to get the values for P_PEOPLE_GROUP_NAME and

P_PEOPLE_GROUP_ID based on the values you pass for segment parameters.




,p_effective_date => r_assignment.from_date –l_dte_effective_date

,p_datetrack_update_mode => l_var_datetrack_update_mode

,p_assignment_id => l_num_assignment_id

,p_called_from_mass_update => l_bool_called_from_mass_update

,p_object_version_number => l_num_object_version_number

,p_position_id => l_num_position_id



,p_organization_id => l_num_organization_id

,p_pay_basis_id => l_num_pay_basis_id

,p_segment1 => l_var_contract_type — people group segment1

,p_segment2 => l_var_home — people group segment 2

,p_people_group_name => l_var_group_name2 — OUT parameter

,p_effective_start_date => l_dte_effective_start_date

,p_effective_end_date => l_dte_effective_end_date

,p_people_group_id => l_num_people_group_id2 –– OUT Parameter

,p_org_now_no_manager_warning => l_bool_org_no_manager_warning

,p_other_manager_warning => l_bool_other_manager_warning

,p_spp_delete_warning => l_bool_spp_delete_warning

,p_entries_changed_warning => l_var_entries_changed_warning

,p_tax_district_changed_warning => l_bool_tax_dist_change_warng



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