DFF query

SELECT distinct ffv.descriptive_flexfield_name  “DFF Name”,
–ffv.application_table_name “Table Name,
ffv.title “Title”,
—-ap.application_name “Application”,
ffc.descriptive_flex_context_code “Context Code”,
ffc.descriptive_flex_context_name “Context Name”,
ffc.description “Context Desc”,
ffc.enabled_flag “Context Enable Flag”,
att.column_seq_num “Segment Number”,
att.form_left_prompt “Segment Name”,
att.application_column_name “Column”,
fvs.flex_value_set_name “Value Set”,
att.display_flag “Displayed”,
att.enabled_flag “Enabled”,
att.required_flag “Required”
FROM apps.fnd_descriptive_flexs_vl ffv,
apps.fnd_descr_flex_contexts_vl ffc,
apps.fnd_descr_flex_col_usage_vl att,
apps.fnd_flex_value_sets fvs
–apps.fnd_application_vl ap
AND ffv.descriptive_flexfield_name = att.descriptive_flexfield_name
–AND ap.application_id=ffv.application_id
AND ffv.descriptive_flexfield_name = ffc.descriptive_flexfield_name
AND ffv.application_id = ffc.application_id
AND ffc.descriptive_flex_context_code=att.descriptive_flex_context_code
AND fvs.flex_value_set_id=att.flex_value_set_id
AND ffv.title like ‘Common Lookups’—name of   the lookup
AND ffc.descriptive_flex_context_code like ‘ACCOUNT SEGMENT’ — context name
–AND UPPER(att.form_left_prompt) = ‘MINOR HEAD’
ORDER BY att.column_seq_num


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