Special Information Types – SIT

SIT is basically a KFF.This we can use to capture additional person information.The KFF which we are using here is Personal Analysis Keyflexfield.We can create and assign N number of SITs to a person.Once you enable the SIT it is available across the Application.

Following steps needs to be done to create a SIT.

1) Define a structure for the Personal Analysis Keyflexfield. For this you have to navigate to

Application Developer > Flexfield Key Segments

Query for Personal Analysis Flexfield.\



2) Define the segments.

Click on Segments.Create the Segments based on your requirement.



In the Segments window check Allow Dynamic Inserts check box. Once you complete the segment definition checkFreeze Flexfield Definition and save your work.

3) Enable the SIT.

For this navigate to

US Super HRMS Manager > Other Definitions > Special Information Types

Create a record for above created structure.Check the check box matrix where ever you want to show the SIT.





Save your work.

4) Go to any HRMS responsibility.Open Enter and Maintain form.Click on Special Information.Query for above created structure.Enter the information into the segments.



The entry will get created in PER_PERSON_ANALYSES and PER_ANALYSIS_CRITERIA table.